PACTMAN: Trust, Privacy and Consent in Future Pervasive Environments

An EPSRC-funded project on Trust, Identity, Privacy and Security in the Digital Economy.

Using cloudlets to support privacy mediation

One important technical strand of PACTMAN is to explore the use of cloudlets to support privacy mediation. This builds on prior work by a team that includes members of the consortium on privacy mediators for the IoT. The approach involves interposing a locally-controlled software component called a privacy mediator on every raw sensor stream in a pervasive environment. In PACTMAN we are exploring how privacy mediators can be made to work in a dynamic pervasive environment in which users move between physical spaces and privacy mediators must be dynamically instantiated.

Working with a visiting researcher from the University of Stuttgart we have created a prototype architecture and are now in the process of creating a testbed within the context of a smart meeting room.