Wall-sized displays deployment for Dementia Care Home

Lancaster University and University of Manchester members of PACTMAN have been conducting a research project in collaboration with Heathfield Ladies Residential Home to explore the feasibility of a wall-sized display as an tool for reminiscing. The family-owned residential care home houses up to 25 female residents with varied stages of dementia.

The display wall (comprised of a 3×3 grid) has been installed into a common living room area, with one column rotated 90 degrees to create an ‘L’ shape to that provides a more immersive feel for viewers.

Early feedback has been very positive from the staff and families of residents of the care home. They have primarily had the screen showing nature scenes but the display wall has also been used as part of some staged/themed events organised by the staff for the residents. One example of this (pictured below) is the use of the screens to help set the scene of an Asian themed restaurant experience.

(Photo from ‘Heathfield Ladies Residential Care Home Warrington’ facebook page)

More details to follow in an upcoming paper.

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